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Safety & Security Training

Napa CA Security & Safety SeminarsWe are a safety and security training business located in Napa, CA serving schools and businesses of all sizes. We educate teachers, students, and businesses on strategies to protect yourself and others during and after school and work hours. For educational institutions, learn about gangs, destructive youth cultures, and drugs that influence students. For the workplace, learn about office hazards, personal safety, and substance abuse. If a crisis such as violence were to happen, you need to be prepared to take immediate, safe action. If you need school, workplace or personal safety training, call 707-310-2218 today!

Workplace Violence Training

At Edu-Safe Associates, we provide workplace violence training seminars including evaluations and recommendations for personal safety. Do you know what to do if an armed intruder enters the workplace? There was an increased number of shootings in school and businesses in 2013. Our ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate) trained team offers applicable methods to adhere to during such a horrific event.

Safety & Security ConsultingSonoma CA Security

Do you need an on-site security assessment? Serving the Greater Napa, CA Area, we specialize in creating safe and orderly campuses and workplaces. Safety consulting will also limit liability.  For a free personal consultation, contact our professional staff today.

Investigative & Private Investigative Services

We offer private investigations as well as investigations for school sites. Our ability to combine law enforcement with school administrative experience allows us to provide highly specialized investigative services. We will provide a comprehensive report detailing all evidence and conclusions as to who, what, when, where, how and why. Whether you are looking for a licensed, confidential private investigator or school investigator, call us today to learn more.

Digital Video Surveillance Cameras & Monitoringsecurity sureveillance

Are you interested in a digital video surveillance system to monitor your business or school grounds? It is important to protect your property and people on it. As a representative of NMS Security, we offer peace of mind with camera monitoring systems. Limit risk of loss, retain video data in an off-site location, receive immediate notifications of incidents, and much more.

Emergency Satellite Communications Units

At Edu-Safe Associates in Napa, CA, we offer pCom® XL emergency satellite communications units through a business partner agreement with SquireTech Solutions. These are self-contained trailers that are immediately deployable and have a power generator, lighting, and communications infrastructure. Operate dynamic communication equipment and services to IT personnel within 5 minutes! Contact us today to learn more.

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Service Areas Include: Napa, Santa Clara, Marin County, San Fransisco, Solano County, Sonoma and surrounding areas.